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4 Lessons Learned My First Month Blogging

Hi Friends!

My blog has turned 1 month old, and I am so happy that I did this. I have started blogs before but just never followed through so yes this is kinda a big deal to me.

Blogging for me has been such a great creative outlet. Not only am I able to write for myself but I have been able to connect with others and make some friends.

So for this post, I want to talk about 4 lesson’s I have learned in this month of blogging.

1. Don’t Blog For The Money
I am just going to start out with this as my first lesson, to be honest, that is a good part of why I have failed in the past with my other blogs. Sure you can want to make an income from this blog and that is something I would love but it isn’t my number 1 reason to blog. When it becomes just about money making it is not enough to motivate you to be consistent with blogging. well, at least it wasn’t enough motivation for me. I would lose interest and more importantly my voice because I was so focused on the dollar or the “Insta fame”. It is really easy to lose that realness and especially nowadays when the niche is so saturated, as bloggers we try so hard to be seen vs heard that we can easily lose our reason why.

2. Blogging Gives You Thick Skin
I don’t believe you need a thick skin to start but it becomes just second nature to have thick skin as you blog. There are mean people in this world, it just is what it is, but you shouldn’t allow them to influence your belief in yourself and your blog.

3. Consistency Is Key
It is a lot rarer to have a viral post then what we believe can happen. I used to think okay, I am starting up a blog and I will write this awesome post and everyone would find it. So not true, even if your photos are Pinterest worthy and you promote well. It takes time for people to find your blog, it just does. But the number 1 way to lose blog traction is by not being consistent. I am not saying you have to blog daily but create a routine. Not only does that hold yourself accountable but it also helps your blog become known. Algorithms and analytics love consistency and you will have a better chance of having your blog get known by being consistent. 

4. I Found My Passion
This lesson has been the most important lesson I have learned so far… Finding my voice, my passion what drives me to blog. Without that, you won’t be able to grow a following OR even just finding that direction you want to go in. What you want to be known for..OH how important that is, now if you want to just blog as a hobby then just go for it. Take it one day at a time and just write about your life. BUT.. it really does help to figure out your direction. It just makes it easier, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Your direction can become your guide with writing, what topics you want to write about, it all will just fall together. I started off wanting to be a beauty blogger, but in time and through trial and errors I have learned for me that isn’t the direction I want to completely go in. You see, I have bigger dreams for that goal. But what I am passionate about is my faith, my marriage and so through that I want to share Jesus with the world, but I want to share Jesus through the eyes of a Christian wife. In today’s society where we have gotten so far from God, I want to encourage and share with other like-minded women the up’s & down’s of being a wife but the blessings of being a Christian wife. How truly important that role is and how you aren’t alone.

I am so excited for this blog and thankful that I have this ability to write, to share God with the world. We each have a gift (1 Corinthians 7:7), a purpose so if your’s is writing, I highly encourage you to start a blog. I know there are so many blogs out there nowadays but there is not one from your perspective. Don’t be afraid, take it one day at a time. Write about your life, the everyday things, favorites anything and in time you will find your passion and go from there.

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