Life of a Christian Wife

5 Minute Makeup Routine

This goes out to all you mamas and ladies who are on the go. I’ll admit I love my sleep more than makeup at the moment. Now as my kids are growing up I am able to have more time to myself but there is just something about Sunday mornings and being rushed. I for the life of me CAN NOT seem to have enough time, even when I wake up early I just somehow end up rushing to get my makeup done before running out the door.
Product Details РPrimer/Foundation/Concealer/Blush/Bronzer.Eyeshadow/Lipgloss/Mascara 
Extra Product Details – Highlighter/Prime & Stay Powder

I am able to do this routine in the car, perfect for the everyday look. My 5-minute look is more about a fresh face then date night look. It’s simple, it’s fast, using all affordable products and you know wanna know the funny thing I am able to create this look while having a toddler all over me… Thanks to the separation anxiety stage!

*My youngest decided he didn’t want to nap so he’s in the video haha.


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