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Hello beautiful!

Let’s just dive right into my new series: Cleaning Motivational Monday’s

Yup, you read that right! each Monday I am going to share a cleaning video along with favorite products I use or testing out a new cleaning product.


Because, that is the perfect start to a good week, for me if I can start off my Monday’s motivated and organized then the rest of my week really isn’t that bad.


If I don’t get organized or ready first thing in the morning, it sets the rest of the day for being lazier. Plus normally after a looong weekend, my boys tend to sleep in. This doesn’t mean you have to wake up super early… but it just means the moment you wake up it is time to get going. Trust I am writing this from seeing results of how I start my day.

Let’s start with the night before… BEST THING to do is create a To-Do list. Jot down the top 3-5 things that you want to accomplish around the house. This tip also is great for just everyday life. But for now, we will focus on cleaning. Write down what you need to get down but ALSO how long you truly think it should take… And no I am not talking about how long it takes to clean it but also scroll on your phone… NOPE…. that leads me to the next tip.

Just resist the urge to hop on Facebook or whatever go to social media of your pick. Do you realize how much time is WASTED.. on your phone.. Sure you might be looking up inspirational quotes or pictures but ladies, I’ve been there… you mean well but it is sooooo easy to get swapped up into the latest drama or just peoples lives that before you know it you lost that drive for yourself and TIME… and as moms especially stay at home mom’s it is sooooo easy to lose track of time and end up with nothing truly accomplished..

Yes! So easy and will honestly make your morning faster. I can’t even count how many mornings I have had to scramble around trying to find bowls not just bowls but CLEAN bowls for the kiddos to use. Imagine trying to clean them while your toddler is crying on you because he is hungry. TRUST ME… That just sets you up for a terrible morning..¬† The night before load your dishwasher and press start. Guess what!? In the morning all you have to do is empty it and now it’s ready for the day time dishes. not to mention you start off with a clean sink!

OkAY,,, SO me and laundry have this love-hate relationship but since I have been implementing this routine…. We now have a love-love relationship. The hardest thing about laundry is time… at least for me.. If I don’t make it a priority it never gets done. But I have found if I do a load in the morning, I actually have time to do another one in the afternoon and then I stay on top of it. By doing 1-2 loads a day you will see how quick you catch up and can even go a day without needing to do laundry. BEST FEELING EVER!

Find that song that gets you just so pumped and turn that volume up. When you are hyped up it is sooooo much easier to clean and be motivated not to mention shall I say it…. ENJOY it. Yes, it’s all about the mindset ladies… I can’t turn on a movie or show while I clean because slowly I will land on the couch and I’m not moving to clean. Maybe that is just me? But regardless it is what it is for me. But I have found if I clean along with other’s cleaning. I’m good, so log in to youtube and find a cleaning video. The world of cleaning videos does exist and it exists for a reason. We are social beings, we need connection and motivation. It is who we are… so enjoy, plus you’re not only encouraged to clean but you might even learn about a new product to try out or cleaning tips.

Comment down below what is your favorite product to use, favorite song to clean along with or favorite cleaning tip.

Products Mentioned In Video – Windex/MethodCleaner/MethodFloorCleaner/MrClean

Until next time ladies, xoxo Life of a Christian Wife.



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