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Conversations With A 5-Year-Old #series

So this morning my son Eric used his 5-year-old brain and owned me… Like how do you even respond afterward.. Okay, I need to first explain what I am talking about. Ladies let me know if you have ever experienced a situation like this and WHAT DID YOU DO?!

I just picked him up from Kindergarten was headed home, and he kept just talking none stop about Godzilla. He wanted me to look up a picture so he could see him. Sure no problem, I can find a kid-friendly version right. But then.. This guy wants to watch the movie and not the kid-friendly cartoon version, he wants the real deal.

He wants to be able to see what Godzilla looks like and how he acts.. So this is where Eric- 01, Mom- 0. Ahhh man, what happened to the good old days where they can’t reason yet with you..

I explained to him, how maybe when he is older, sure be my guest. But right now it might be too scary not to mention I haven’t watched it myself and not sure about the adult content.. if ya know what I mean…

Which my 5-year-old informs me, it won’t scare him and if it does and he ends up having a nightmare… He can just pray to God and his nightmare will go away… “Isn’t that what you always tell me, mommy..”

He threw God at me, like oh my goodness… I was not prepared, and now thinking back, sure I have some good comebacks I’m pretty proud. At that moment, I froze, I mean touché he does have an actual point. That is what I always tell him. I just never thought he would turn around and use it to win a battle with me.

As mothers, we are truly not prepared for moments like that. Like I could totally practice in my head different scenarios right…. But when push comes to shove…. Girl… 9 out of 10 times we go blank.. or maybe I just tell myself that to feel better. And somewhere out there is a put together mom who has the answers.

If you happen to be that mother, can we be friends….

In case you are like me, well then hi!, we can laugh together, swap stories and hopefully through our stories we can help each out.

Here is a blessing though, he is only 5 and like most 5-year-olds they are EXTREMELY easy to distract. All it took was a lollipop to distract and the topic was successfully changed… YES, I keep treats for moments like these, so maybe I won also..


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