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How To Start A Daily Devotional

For a while, I would view the Bible as a “Use as needed” getting it during times of hardship or when my hubby had a question but then back to the bookshelf it would go. I grew up in faith and memorizing different verses and knowing all the Bible stories we were taught as little kids but it wasn’t until recently that I picked up my Bible just because. My kids are starting to grow up and I am getting out of the baby stage with my youngest and watching them grow up and start to question things for themselves I really wanted to be prepared. I want to be an example to my children but before I can truly do that, I need to arm myself.

It starts with you, you need that relationship with God for yourself first and then you can share it. I am understanding that as mothers we go through different seasons and there are just times when you are nursing that baby or not getting much sleep and it’s hard to focus.

God understands but we also need to understand that if we have a few minutes to scroll on Pinterest then we have a few minutes for God.

A big part of what brought me to want to make time for daily devotions was seeing God’s power in my own life. How turning to his Word helped me in times of sadness but also guidance.¬†As I saw his work in my own life it just made me thirst for more. I wanted to read my Bible, I want to learn all I can, I needed scripture daily to help me get through the different life events.

So how do we start?

How are we able to find the time?

It starts with you and figuring out what works for you. Take me for instance.. I am not a morning person, the early birds can have all the worms.. I’m good, thank you. So for me to try and really focus in the morning is just not going to work out. God isn’t going to be like because you didn’t read your Bible first thing in the morning.. Off to Hell you go… NO, he’s not some legalistic God. So mom’s of little ones or non-morning people let go of that guilt.

If you are new to daily devotion time, then start with a few minutes.. To be completely candid here, there have been times when I pulled up the Bible app while using the bathroom to read a few verses… while having a child waiting for me on the other side of the door.

Start off a little at a time, focus on a few verses and then slowly work your way to a reading a chapter. Reading the Bible is not a race, it’s not about how many times you can read it in a year but about what you take from the verses.

Nothing beats just picking up the Bible and reading it, but you know what a good devotional book pairs well together. Maybe you are new to Christianity, a devotional book can help guide you. BUT remember a devotional book DOES NOT take the place of the Bible.

Our goal is to be able to have one on one time with God. But another way you can start a devotion is with your spouse. My hubby and I study the Bible together at night time and it’s awesome. We are starting in Proverbs and we take a turn reading a chapter, after reading a couple of chapters we discuss a verse or verses that stood out to us.

There is Bible Journaling for the creative minds, but please remember it can be easy to lose the true point of reading your Bible when you start decorating it. I don’t personally Bible journal because I know I would get distracted in the coloring but I know of people who do and it works for them.

There is also the S.O.A.P Method when studying, Scripture, Observe, Application & Prayer. Which can be a great way to dig deep into the word. I have a Women’s Study Bible which I love using, short little devotions but they work.

As you can tell there are many different ways to start up a devotional and we have blogs and Pinterest to help give us advice on starting up a devotion.

What is your method?
What book in the Bible do you enjoy reading?
What verse brings you comfort?

*A little side note if you follow me on FB or Instagram I do go live for daily devotions. You can always start with that.


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